About Us

Mobile Bike Repair Sheffield

‘Bike Repair Sheffield’ is a Mobile Cycle Repair Shop that travels to you, whether that be your home, place of work, or special event you have organized. It is run by avid bike enthusiast, downhill and enduro mountain-bike racer and experienced bicycle mechanic Anthony Croft who has lived and breathed bicycles since he was of the early age of 4 years old. Having trained as a mechanic since the age of 15, he has years of experience and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. 

‘’Cycling is a massive passion of mine; I take utmost care and attention in every piece of work I carry out on my client’s bikes, working on them as if they were my own. A bike isn’t just an inanimate object, it’s an extension of a person’s body and becomes a part of who they are.”

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