Service Prices – (Excluding parts – Customer will be notified if parts are required)

£25.00 – Kid’s Bike Service (Up to 24’’ Wheel)
Includes full safety inspection, set up and adjustment of brakes and gears. Chain lubricated. All bolts are checked for correct tightness and tyres will be inflated to ensure it is safe for your child.

£45.00 – General Service
Includes full safety inspection, set up and adjustment of brakes and gears and chain cleaned, lubricated and checked for wear. Every bolt checked for correct tightness, general clean and tyres inflated to recommended pressure; wheels checked to ensure they are running true.

£90.00 – Full Service (Suitable for Road Bikes excludes Full Suspension)
Includes all the prior plus full strip and re-grease of the entire bike. All bearings and hubs cleaned, inspected and packed with fresh grease, loose ball bearings replaced, wheels trued and tensioned, suspension seals inspected, cleaned and lubricated, suspension set to recommended or desired pressure. Bike will be cleaned and come back running like new.

£110.00 – Full Service for Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
Includes all the prior plus rear swing arm pivot bearings checked for play, meticulously cleaned and packed with fresh grease.  Bike will be cleaned and come back running like new.

£130.00 (Hardtail MTB) – £150.00 (Full Suspension MTB) – Super Service
All the prior with the addition of a fork service. This is our biggest and most grand service of all. In addition to the full strip down of the frame and suspension bearings, this service includes stripping, cleaning and replacing the oil in the suspension fork lower legs. There will be the option of changing oil weights to suit the rider’s preferences if desired.

Additional service and repair prices

£15.00 – Wheel True and Tension
Wheel is placed in our professional truing stand and spokes are adjusted and tensioned to ensure correct dishing and truing of the rim.

£20.00 – Brake Bleed (Price per brake)
Brake lines will be flushed through with fresh oil removing any unwanted air bubbles and or dirt particles. Surfaces will be decontaminated using alcohol-based products to ensure maximum performance. Brakes will be subsequently realigned and centred to ensure they are running free.

£20.00 – Brake Service and alignment (All brakes disc and rim)
The brake pads, discs and rims are checked for excessive wear. Brakes will be centred and aligned to ensure optimum efficiency and safety of your brakes. Surfaces will be decontaminated using alcohol based cleaning products to provide maximum stopping power.

£25.00 – Gear Service
Includes clean, degrease and re-lubrication of chain and sprockets. Chain, sprockets and derailleurs checked for excessive wear and advised if necessary. Adjustments made and set up to perfect running standards.

£150.00 – Events / Race Support Mechanic (Price per day + Expenses)
We are also available to hire for races and event support. Our portable workshop can be transported anywhere in the UK.

GYM Equipment, Spin Bikes
In addition to normal bicycles, we also specialise in the repair and servicing of gymnasium exercise bikes. Please call us on 07984711920 to arrange a quotation.

Please note, all bikes are test ridden to ensure final tweaks and adjustments are made to the highest of standards.

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